Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fat and Calorie Blaster Treadmill Workout in 20 minutes!

I love this workout when I'm short on time and I want to get a quick hard core Cardio workout in!
My Clients love this one they think it's going to be easy because it's only 20 minutes but they are dripping with sweat by the time it's over!

0:00-3:00 Minutes
Mph 3.5-4.0 
2 Incline

3:00-5:00 Minutes
Mph 4:0
6 Incline

5:00-7:00 Minutes
Mph 3.7-4.0
8 Incline

7:00-10:00 Minutes
Mph 3.6-4.0
10 Incline

10:00-12:00 Minutes
Mph 3.5-4.0
12 incline

12:00-15:00 Minutes 
Mph 3.7-4.0
8 Incline

15:00-17:00 Minutes
Mph 3.7-4.2
6 incline

17:00-20:00 Minutes
Mph 4.0 
2 Incline

You can modify the pace(Mph) to make it work for you.
Slower for beginners and faster for the more advanced exerciser.


1 comment:

  1. I used this workout today and loved it! It wa quick but I with great results! I was definitely sweating!

    Looking forward to using it again! Alana :)